World Energy Development, LLC

An Energy Development and Integration Company

World Energy Development provides best value services for your solar, bio-mass, or petroleum projects.  Services provided include the following:

Site assessment, site layout, power output modeling, preliminary cost estimate, and permit requirements

Engineering and design, environmental permitting, construction permits, procurement, contract administration

Schedule management and reporting, Cost management and reporting, Material tracking, Construction oversight, Claims settlement, Commissioning, Project
Closeout and documentation

Using today's experience to fulfill tomorrow's energy needs

World Energy Development was founded to provide its clients cost effective services from the conceptual stages of a project to commissioning. By utilizing numerous industry experts in various fields, World Energy Development can deliver projects, on time and on budget, without the hassle of dealing with multiple companies or organizations. By utilizing a “Team” approach, World Energy Development can provide qualified staff to complete your project on time.   We can offer you one contact, one contract, and one person to coordinate all project requirements.
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